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1.General provisions

1.1.  These Hotel Policies govern the relationship between the Yuliana Hotel (hereinafter referred to as the "Hotel") and the consumers and customers of the hotel services and set out the basic requirements for the rules for using the Hotel.

1.2.  These Hotel Policies have been developed following the Hotel Use Rules and similar accommodation and hotel facilities approved by the Order of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine dated March 16, 2004 No. 19.

1.3.  The Consumer is obliged to abide by the Hotel Policies and Fire Safety Rules.

1.4.  If the consumer repeatedly violates the Hotel Policies and/or the Fire Safety Rules, which results in material damage and/or creates inconvenience for other consumers, the Hotel has the right to refuse check-in or to terminate the contract (evict).

1.5.  The Hotel guarantees guests privacy. Consumers of the Hotel take into account and do not object to the use of a video surveillance system on the territory of the Hotel except toilet rooms and hotel rooms. The hotel reserves the right to provide all necessary information and information upon the request of the authorized state bodies.

1.6. According to the Law of Ukraine No. 4844 - VI of May 24, 2012 smoking of tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and hookahs is prohibited on the territory of the whole hotel (rooms, corridors, foyer, and restaurant). Smoking is allowed in a designated area. The hotel reserves the right to impose a fine on guests for violation of fire safety, smoking in unauthorized places and disobeying the legal requirements of the administration.

1.7.  Hotel reviews and suggestions can be left at the hotel's administrator or on the hotel's website.

1.8.  The hotel works around the clock.

1.9.  The hotel has a payment time of 11:00 a.m., of Kyiv time.

1.10. Check-in time is 2:00 p.m., of Kyiv time.

1.11. Our currency is Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH). Receipt and Refund through payment systems Visa and Mastercard takes place in Ukrainian Hryvnia. Refund amount in your local currency may be differ from payment due to exchange rate changes.

1.12.  The hotel provides the following types of services to the consumer at no extra charge:

  • an ambulance call;
  • wake up at a certain time;
  • call of the transfer to / from Yasinya village.

1.13.  The hotel administration has set a time for unauthorized persons staying in the room of 9:00 a.m. for 9:00 p.m. No strangers are allowed after 9:00 p.m.

1.14.  Bed linen, towels, and toiletries are changed upon request, but not more than once (including the set at check-in) for 5 (five) days.

1.15.  The hotel administration is only responsible for the valuables (including money) that have been transferred to storage in due course.

2.Definition of terms

   In the Hotel Policies, the terms are used as follows:

Consumer (guest) - an individual who orders, uses or intends to purchase or order services of the Hotel for his or her own needs;

- Сustomer - a natural or legal person, including the subject of tourist activity, who concludes an appropriate contract for the provision of hotel services on behalf and for the benefit of the consumer and makes payment under this contract (provides guarantees for payment under this contract);

- hotel service - actions (operations) of the Hotel to accommodate the consumer by providing a room (place) for temporary accommodation at the Hotel, as well as other activities related to accommodation and temporary accommodation. The hotel service consists of the basic and additional services provided to the consumer when accommodating and staying at the Hotel;

- place (bed-place) - a part of the room area with a bed, linen, towels, and other equipment, intended and suitable for one person;

- room - a separate room equipped with furniture, consisting of one or more rooms suitable for temporary residence;

- booking - the process of ordering by the customer of the Hotel basic and/or additional services, to use the services in due time to a specific customer or group of customers;

- confirmation of the booked services - the consent of the Hotel to fulfill the ordered fixed list of basic and additional services according to the application;

- cancellation - the refusal of the customer from the reserved services. 

 - check-in date - date of arrival of the consumer to the Hotel;

- check-out date - date of check-out of the consumer from the Hotel;

- early check-in - check-in of the hotel to the hotel before the hour of check-in;

- late check-in - check-in of the consumer later than the hour of check-in or booking, agreed with the hotel;

- early check-out - check-out of the consumer of the previously booked date;

- late check-out - check-out of the consumer from the Hotel after the estimated hour on the day of check-out;

- payment time - the hour that is set at the Hotel, and upon arrival, the consumer must vacate the room on the day of departure.

- check-in time - the hour which is set in the Hotel and upon arrival of which the consumer has the right to stay in the room.

3.The order of the hotel reservation

 3.1. The booking is made by placing an order through the hotel website.

 3.2. Guaranteed booking requires a prepayment of 30% of the total cost of accommodation. The payment is made through the reservation system on the hotel site, within 15 minutes from the moment of the reservation request. If the payment is not made within the specified time, the reservation request will be automatically canceled.

 3.3. Upon receiving the prepaid, the hotel sends a booking confirmation to the email address provided when booking through the hotel website. From now on, the reservation is guaranteed.

   4.The order of check-in to the Hotel and payment for the services of the Hotel

4.1. Payment for accommodation and services provided by the Hotel is made in cash, according to the hotel rates in force at the hotel. Payment for accommodation and ancillary services is made in the national currency. The list of services included in the room rate is published on the hotel website.

4.2. Full payment for the accommodation is made no later than 9:00 p.m. on the day of check-in.

4.3. In case of the late arrival of the guest more than 8 hours from the set hour of check-in and without agreement with the hotel management, the guaranteed reservation canceled and the prepayment for the accommodation is not refundable.

4.4. In case of an early departure, the hotel does not refund the guests pay for the accommodation.

4.5.  The room (place) at the hotel is given to the consumer upon presentation of a passport or other identification document (passport of a citizen of Ukraine, passport of a citizen of Ukraine for traveling abroad, diplomatic or service passport, ID of a seafarer, residence permit of a person residing in Ukraine, but not a citizen of Ukraine, national passport of a foreigner or document replacing him and visa for the right of stay in Ukraine (unless otherwise provided by the current bilateral agreements), birth certificate of minors, driver's license, military - personal ID or military ID, certificate, which is issued on the location of the consumer, etc.). The Hotel administration reserves the right to refuse service to guests who have not presented their ID or refused to pay.

4.6.  Early check-in or late check-out is only available to guests in the availability of rooms and following the Hotel price list.

5. Refusal of the Customer from the booked services, refund.

5.1. Refusal is divided into three types: timely refusal, untimely refusal, non-arrival.

5.1.1. Timely refusal - the customer's refusal to use the booked services no later than (or equal to) than 21 (twenty-one) days before the scheduled arrival date;

5.1.2. Untimely refusal - the customer's refusal to use the booked services later than 21 (twenty-one) days before the scheduled arrival date;

5.1.3. Non-arrival - the actual non-arrival of the customer to the Hotel on the day of arrival (until 20.00);

5.2. In case of untimely refusal or non-arrival the Hotel charges a penalty from the customer in the amount of prepayment;

5.3. Timely cancellation is made by submitting an application through the hotel's website (by following the link from the booking confirmation letter) or by sending an e-mail to [email protected]

5.4. Refunds are made in the order in which the payment was made - by bank transfer to the card from which the payment was made or in cash. Payments are made no later than 7 business days from the date of receipt of the request for timely cancellation.

6.Duties of the Consumer

6.1. The consumer undertakes to:

6.1.1. to keep order in the Hotel, to throw out garbage exclusively in specially designated places;

6.1.2. to take care of the property of the Hotel;

6.1.3. don't take actions that disturb other Consumers;

6.1.4. to comply with the rules of Fire Safety;

6.1.5. to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the room without the knowledge of the Hotel Management and/or at an unspecified time to visit;

6.1.6. when leaving the room: close the water faucets, close the windows and doors of the balcony, turn off the light and the equipment in the room, lock up the door;

6.1.7. when leaving the territory of the Hotel, hand over the room`s key to the administrator (receptionist) for storage until the return of the Consumer;

6.1.8.  when check-out the Hotel to full pay for all services provided and hand over the room`s key to the administrator;

6.1.9.  in case of damage to the property of the Hotel, the guest fully compensate it cost following the internal documents of the Hotel;


6.2. To maintain order and safety at the Hotel, the Consumer is prohibited during the stay at the Hotel:

6.2.1. to keep in the room of unauthorized persons for the period of your absence, as well as to hand them the room`s key;

6.2.2. to take out a room key outside the Hotel territory;

6.2.3. to store bulky objects (skis, snowboards), flammable, explosive substances and objects in the room;

6.2.4. to use heaters;

6.2.5. to throw out the garbage, other items through balconies, Hotel windows. In case of violation of this paragraph of this Policies, a fine of 500 UAH shall be imposed on the offender (five hundred hryvnias);

6.2.6. to smoke in the rooms, halls, and rooms of the Hotel;

6.2.7.  to bring to the Hotel territory and store in the room materials and objects that are dangerous for the life and health of others;

6.2.8. to rearrange and take out furniture from the Hotel room;

6.2.9. to violate generally accepted norms of behavior, including being on the premises of the Hotel under the influence of drugs;

6.2.10. to exhibit aggression or acts that threaten the safety or health of others;

6.2.11. to stay at the hotel with pets;

6.2.12. to damage the property of the hotel;

6.2.13. to staying guests in the room after 9:00 p.m. without payment and registration of their stay at the Hotel;

6.2.14. to move around the hotel (except 1st floor) in ski/snowboard boots;

6.2.15. to move around the hotel (except 1st floor) in street shoes.

7.Consumer's responsibility

7.1.  In case of loss, destruction or damage to the property of the Hotel, the consumer is obliged to recover its value according to the market prices established at the time of the loss, destruction or damage of such property.

7.2. On late arrival at the hotel, or in case of no Guest check-in or check-in days later, amount of not spent nights at the hotel are not refundable.


We wish you a pleasant stay!